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Security and transparency

The whole range of real estate fund solutions

Arbireo Capital is able to offer its investors all regulated real estate investment vehicles. This includes all German public funds and alternative investment funds (AIFs) approved by the Germany Capital Investment Code (KAGB) for the asset class real estate, and foreign fund vehicles (e.g. from Luxembourg). Examples include a German special-AIF for insurance or an investment partnership for pension schemes. Here we offer clear and simple structures, standardized and clearly understandable procedures.


Fund companies are one of the most strictly regulated branches. All fund companies are obliged to act exclusively in the interests of their investors. Compliance with these regulations is strictly monitored by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin).


The costs of an investment fund are presented transparently. The basic investor information summarizes all the important details in an easily understandable form.

Insolvency protection

Investment funds are protected against insolvency. The assets of the fund are usually held as fund assets separate from the assets of the fund company. If the fund company becomes insolvent the fund assets do not therefore form part of the insolvency estate.

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