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From identification to reporting

Arbireo Capital offers all standard fund vehicles in Germany or from Luxembourg, including regulated real estate investment products like German open-ended special AIFs and investment partnerships. For the funds we consider all asset classes, locations (regional, national, international) and risk profiles (core, core+, value add, opportunistic).

Our management covers the whole value creation chain in the conception, launch and management of real estate funds. This includes, for instance:

  • Identification of investment possibilities (investment products)
  • Acquisition of institutional and semi-professional capital investors
  • Structuring and implementation of transactions
  • Controlling at the level of the assets or at fund level
  • Reporting and analyses
  • Corporate investment and fund management
  • Investor support
  • Cooperation with the asset management service provider company

All services of Arbireo Capital are provided at senior management level. These include:

  • Proactive product development (e.g. individual investments, club deals, funds) or approval of concepts according to investor wishes
  • Creation of a financing structure and raising of funds through identification and selection of suitable capital and lending partners
  • Optimization of investment and portfolio management
  • Services within the product
  • Product launch process

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