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Fund Launch

From the idea to the fund

Our fund competence in summary

In practice as well as the instances where Arbireo Capital itself launches a fund, there are also situations where we involve the investors and backers in the final decision on the fund concept and investment principles. In these cases one or more of the investors and backers want to be able to influence certain design parameters of the fund. After the fund and investment concepts are finalized the parties agree on the relevant asset management service provider company (Service-KVG). Arbireo Capital AG then coordinates all the organizational steps required to launch the fund and establish the portfolio.

The following summary illustrates the basic interrelations in fund launches. Besides the classic contractual relations within what is known as the investment triangle of investor/backer, asset management service provider company and custodian, Arbireo Capital, as initiator and also investment, portfolio and asset manager, plays a decisive role in the success of the investment. Arbireo Capital undertakes all management tasks throughout the lifetime of the fund and coordinates all information and approval processes within the context of the regulatory framework with the asset management service provider company, acquires the capital and the financing, builds up the portfolio and manages the inventory. Certain services which much be performed on site, such as property and facility management, are outsourced to specialist service providers. The performance of the fund is reported comprehensively (e.g. monthly reporting) and information is provided regularly (e.g. investment committee meetings, fund updates). All branch-related reporting standards are offered (e. g. solvency II reporting).

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