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About us

Corporate mindset and independent action

Medium-sized character with large-scale diversity

Arbireo Capital is an independent investment company which operates above all on the German real estate market. We identify attractive investment properties, structure, plan, invest and realize, thus spanning the whole value creation chain from a single source.

Corporate mindset

As an investment company with a medium-sized character, a corporate mindset and responsible action are our benchmarks. For Arbireo Capital it is not size that is important, but rather growing with the best products and services. Our guiding principles are the goals of our clients.

An excellent network

Arbireo Capital is broadly diversified and benefits from an excellent network. Besides its head office in Frankfurt am Main and two other locations in Berlin and Hamburg, we also have a network of cooperation partners throughout Germany.

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    Head Office Frankfurt

    Tel.: 069 2475 3355 16
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